LGBT activists want equality and free speech, except for Christians

Miranda Devine/Pahichan – It’s a sign of the times that the Australian Christian Lobby has had to remove the names of board members from its website because its directors are being viciously targeted and their livelihoods threatened by same-sex marriage bullies. Already two directors have been forced to resign.

The Rainbow Gestapo, aka the Waffen SSM as the late Bill Leak used to depict them, is doing a great job of exposing the deeply illiberal nature of LGBTIQ activism.

But the latest attempt to destroy the career of IBM Managing Partner Mark Allaby shows what a double edged sword corporate activism on same sex marriage can become.

IBM was one of 32 organisations which signed a letter last week trying to bully the Prime Minister into breaking his election promise and legislate same sex marriage without a people’s vote.

Now we see, from the attack on Allaby, that each of those organisations has made itself and any dissenting employees vulnerable to a campaign of intimidation by LGBT bullies.

Allaby had not expressed any view one way or another on same-sex marriage. He was simply targeted by LGBTIQ activists because of his association with a Christian organisation, the Lachlan Macquarie Institute, which provides internships for future Christian leaders, with tuition in history, theology, law, politics and Australian culture.

The Australian revealed this week how IBM was targeted with a barrage of twitter messages questioning its employment of Allaby from LGBTIQ and Greens activists.

A similar social media campaign was successful last year in forcing Allaby off the board of the Australian Christian Lobby, and out of his senior executive job at PwC, another signed up corporate member of the “Marriage Equality” lobby.

Cowardly PwC leaned on Allaby to quit the ACL board, thus handing the rainbow bullies his scalp as a trophy to intimidate other dissenters. Allaby had no option but quietly to resign from PwC and find another job with IBM. One year later the bullies have come after him again.

But this time, their attacks may not prove as fruitful. Fresh on the heels of the Tim and Melanie Cooper hostage video, the public is waking up to the totalitarian nature of the rainbow lobby.

IBM managing partner Mark Allaby was attacked on social media by activists for his association with the Australian Christian Lobby. (Pic: Supplied)

The activists have framed the same sex marriage campaign as akin to the American civil rights struggles of the 1960s. This allows them to brand defenders of traditional marriage as being as evil as racists, and therefore so beyond the pale that they must be attacked, stigmatised, and hounded out of civil society.

The stigma has been extended to any Christian organisation such as the ACL or the Bible Society, or any Christian or social conservative, whether or not they have expressed a view on marriage.

Christian employees of organisations which have signed up to the same sex marriage campaign, now feel frightened and intimidated at work. Some have anonymously contacted the ACL and Marriage Alliance and the few journalists they feel might take their concerns seriously.

One Telstra employee says: “Even though I declined to attend the “Wear It Purple” Day meeting, I have since been re-sent the meeting invite by an Executive Director 6 times. The meeting invite says staff are “required” (not “optional”) attendees.”

One former Qantas pilot says: “What caused me to resign is the company’s… active campaigning for the redefinition of marriage. [There] was a cultural pressure to conform, from the internal media and company culture.

“We’d be sitting in our cockpit, and receive an email expecting something operational, only to find it was another email about the [LGBTIQ] agenda. We were bombarded with this stuff.

“We got at times 4 emails a week about it. I knew I had to go, because I didn’t belong there… People are so afraid of being shouted down as a bigot.”

Same sex marriage campaigners march. (Pic: Christopher Chan)

An academic at the University of Sydney says: “The university is pushing its social agenda more and more. I don’t feel like I have the right to voice an opinion now that the administration is supporting it. I feel like it limits debate, in an institution where our job is to debate the truth.”

An employee of an unidentified organisation says: “There has been such a push in our workplace with rainbow flags, coasters, “gay ally” signs everywhere, lapel pins… the list goes on. If I or anyone else dares to say anything, we get howled down… The silent majority of the workforce is over it, but not game to say anything.”

A friend described on the weekend how her 12 and 14 year old sons received emails from the Australian Rugby Union telling them to wear “rainbow laces” to games next month in support of the LGBTIQ agenda.

This has nothing to do with kids’ sport or promoting tolerance. It is deceitfully co-opting children into a political campaign in the context of a highly contested marriage debate.

There have been at least 18 failed attempts to push same-sex marriage through parliament since 2004, and the plebiscite promised by the Turnbull government at the last election was the circuit breaker that would have ended the impasse one way or another.

Bypassing the plebiscite and ramming a result through parliament is an anti-democratic and deeply political activity which corporations and sporting bodies ought not to involve themselves in.

With their intimidation and harassment of social conservatives, the rainbow bullies are rapidly squandering the public goodwill built up over years for their cause. That’s why they don’t want a plebiscite.

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