LGBTI futsal competition is a part of our campaign of sports for all : Sharma

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 18 – National Sports Council has said that the futsal competition of sexual and gender minority is a part of its campaign of sports for all. Speaking to Pahichan, Min Kumar Sharma who head Competition and Planning Department of NSC said that they are seeking new talent and innovative people from this competition.

“We had offered them to organized football competition but there was lack of preparations in their side,” he said, adding that futsal competition was selected as members of this community did not have sufficient time for regional competition.

He said futsal is best sport for this community. “We are providing them the equal facilities that our national players are receiving. However, there are variances in the cash prize,” he said.

He said members of gender and sexual minority will be a part of NSC. Members of this community have expedited preparations to register their own association which will be the beginning of equal rights in this sector, he said.After the registration of national association, he said LGBTI community could get 50 lakh budget.