LGBTI issues incorporated in SDGs discussed

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 17 – Multi-stakeholder meeting was conducted by Ayon and Right Here Right Now Partnership. The meeting was held in Hotel Aryal, Baneshor. People from various organizations represented, and discussed wide-range of issues related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Rukshana Kapali from Blue Diamond Society (BDS) participated in this program to share LGBTI issues and SDGs. She elaborated how LGBTI people must be incorporated in programs relating to SDGs. She focused on breaking gender binary and cisnormality in defining gender equality. Similarly, how Reduced Inequality can take LGBTI forward. Sustainable cities also mean a gender friendly city, for LGBTI people, while trans people face harassment on streets and public spaces.

Many Trans people who have been thrown out of their homes are living with poverty, which is first priority of SDGs. Similarly, the third goal on good health and wellbeing brings issues of key affected population who are men who have sex with men and transgender women risks to HIV and STDs. Similarly, health of LGBTI people is undermined and stigma free health services lack.

 This goal also brings wide issues of LGBTI health issues like hormones, surgeries. Quality Education is also something LGBTI people must be provided and also safe educational institutions. Decent Work and Economic Growth is important for LGBTI people.

Most LGBTI people do not get job opportunities and are economically weaker. She focused on intersectionality and its essence in SDG and LGBTI. Similarly, other participants also focused on their issues and talked about LGBTI as well.