LGBTI issues should be expanded in curriculum : Lamsal

Ambika Dahal/Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 18 – Joint Secretary at Ministry of Education Hari Lamsal has said that the issues of gender and sexual minority should be incorporated in the curriculum to end the discrimination to this community. 

He stressed that along with 6, 7 and 8, the issues of gender and sexual minority should be incorporated in all levels. In a meeting with Parshuram Rai, Deputy Director of Blue Diamond Society, Lamsal said it is necessary to make an environment to view this community in a positive way in the society.

Though it is incorporated in the curricula, according to him, there is a lack of teachers who properly understand this issue.  “I am gradually understanding about his community through the interactions with you,” Lamsal said adding that it should be incorporated in the Teacher Training Program.

 “Though many people understand about it, they are reluctant to speak about it due to the social and cultural circumstances, please visit the Department of Curricula and sensitize this issue,” said Lamsal.

Rai informed that BDS has provided training to 601 teachers about LGBTI and 50 thousand students are informed about this community.  Lamsal said only the general policy is not helpful to address the issue of marginalized community and there is a need of special provisions.

He suggested holding discussions with Teachers Federation about this community.  He said informing federation would be helpful to bring a positive change in the society.