LGBTI made significant presence at Party announcement ceremony

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 13 – Gender and sexual minority made their significant presence at the party announcement ceremony of Naya Shakti Nepal.  Around 2000 LGBTI community took the lead of rally from Ratnapark to Rangashala with their own dress. Earlier, they were in the various political parties but they openly engaged in Naya Shakti Nepal Party led by Former Prime Minister Babura Bhattarai.

Chairman of Blue Diamond Society, who is also member of Interim Council of the party, said they joined the party as Bhattarai is positive about addressing the concerns of this community.

Naya ShaktiWhen Bhattarai was finance minister, he allocated budget targeting to sexual and gender minority. The members of LGBTI were the centre of attraction when they entered in Rangashala with their own dresses as well as songs.

People also expressed a surprise saying that the population of this community is so higher. People also asked several questions about this community. Some people also asked whether they are from Nepal.

The rally itself was the answer to them. When members of this community reached in the stage they received a lot of welcome. The team of BDS also demonstrated a show with songs like that Mechi and Mahakali belongs to us. “It has provided that members of this community are capable of doing everything if they get the opportunity,” said Gurung. Naya Shakti has praised the LGBIT. Gurung expressed her gratitude to all members who attended the meeting.