LGBTI members in Terai are compelled to accept ‘force marriage’ : Khan 

Sarlahi (Pahichan) March 27 – Nagma Khan, Program Coordinator, Blue Diamond Society Sarlahi District Chapter, has said that many homosexual and transgender are compelled to accept ‘force marriage’ in Terai.

Speaking at a program organized in Parsa Rural Municipality, Khan said parents are forcing their children for early marriage and many of them are from LGBTI community. There was an awareness program in village in Maithali language. According to Khan, people are forced for early marriages are facing violence in their homes.

“Many members of this community are compelled to marry according to the wishes of their parents which are ruining their lives,” said Khan. Such tendencies have caused a divorce in the village. Khan underlined the need of formulating same-sex marriage to end such scenario in the village. “If there is a law, it will resolve the problems in Terai. Members of this c community are facing a lot of discrimination,” said Khan.

Khan was the coordinator in the awareness campaign organized in the village about early marriage, violence and other social discrimination. The Bagmati Sewa Samaj and Search for Common Ground organized the program.