LGBTI members urge to continue the campaign

Ambika Dahal/Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 19 – Members of sexual and gender minority have said that ongoing campaign should be made effective and strong. The members of this community who came to Kathmandu to celebrate International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, they underlined the need of intensifying the lobby as the support from donor agencies is very low.

Speaking at a program organized in Blue Diamond Society, Deputy Director Parshu Ram Rai said effective campaign must be launched in the district as well. He said contract with Norwegian on human rights, media and core fund is going to expire after July.

He said it is not sure that this project could not continue after July. Rai said instead of total dependence on media, it is better to approach with other organizations and government agencies to secure the support. First Mr. Gay Handsome Bisoraj Adhikari said campaign should be continued even if donor agencies do not provide assistance. He said such campaign must be continued in the absence of money as well.

Rights activist Durga Thapa complained that very few budget has been allocated for gender and sexual minority. Thapa said efforts are underway to secure budget from other government agencies.

Rights activist Bhakti Shah said they are not confident that donor agencies will support them after the July. He urged the members of this community not to be nervous saying that they are making other plans as well.

Inter-sex rights activist Eshan Regmi said there is a need of pressure to implement the rights provided by law. Regmi said by the September, all the laws must be ready and this community put pressure on government to make favorable laws.