LGBTI people are strong in the field of culture

Pinky Gurung/Pahichan – Blue Diamond Society, since 2001 is working for sexual health and human rights of LGBTI people. With collaboration of Blue Diamond Society and Cruise Aids and support from Global Fund’s Save The Children and National STD Control Centre of Nepal Government, we organized the First National LGBTI Dance Competition.

Honorable people, with your support and our effort, we have been able to establish LGBTI rights in the constitution Nepal. Other laws are being drafted. Social and public acceptance is increasing. But still this is not enough.

We LGBTI people are strong in cultural field. We have been playing an important role in culture.  Not just Nepal’s famous Maruni, Singaru and Ratyauli dances, we have Bardiya’s Hurnduwa and Kapilvastu’s Pahcaguiya dance. We are related with culture. Not only culture, we are also related with Nepal’s religion. Srikhandi and Brihanalla in Mahabharat, Nateshori and Ardhanareshor of Mahadev, Mohini  incarnation of Vishnu and Kinnar mentioned in ramayana or the third nature is us. Harihar itself is the symbol of Vishnu and Shiva, which is said to be born with their fusion.

Similar it is believed that relation between Surya and his charioteer gave birth to Bali and Sugreev. In Nepal’s important festival a male is disguised as “cow”. And then the culture of “meet” and “meetini” is also in Nepal. Although LGBTI is mentioned in all the religion, culture and tradition of Nepal, we have been boycotted from cultural and social sector. Movies, social and cultural sector has made us a matter of joke.

We have organized this program for LGBTI empowerment and acceptance. Our acceptance and empowerment along capacity will also increase as we start to involve ourselves in social and cultural sectors.

I would like to wish all the best to the participants of this honorable programme. Every creation has its own importance which is contributing to the world in their own way. We  LGBTI are also the creation of this world. So, come and love us, accept us, and we shall contribute to the world.