LGBTI should enjoy their life freely  

Sunayana Bhetwal/Pahichan – The term LGBTI was emerged few years ago.  Before that, they did not have their specific identity regarding their sexuality. They were called as Hijada, Chhaka and by other terms. But those words were very dominating which was made by so called people from the society.

They weren’t given any respect and opportunities in the society. They were extracted from society’s norms and values and disapproved their different gender. People even used to deny those third gender people as natures gift.

Well BDS (Blue Diamond Society) is one such organization which was established for those third gender that were departed or extracted from the society regarding their unnatural sexuality unlike male and female. Getting internship at BDS is itself a very good thing happened to me as I always had some curiosity about their structure, story, lifestyle and feelings.

Whenever I used to see them on my journey or about them in Television, I always had a question in my mind that “How is it possible?” Though people used to humiliate them by backbiting using inappropriate words, I never did so. They were only the subject of curiosity for me.

My curiosity got chance to become reality when I started doing internship at BDS. First, I felt so strange by seeing the LGBTI people under the same roof working together for the rights, cure of HIV/AIDS and advocacy of those types of people. After enrolling into the BDS, I clearly understood the terms LGBTI and how they became so.

I learned that in their case, it’s not their sexuality which defines them but it is their perception or thinking ability on what they want to become. It might seem unnatural to other people in the society but it is very natural for them. Their appearance and thoughts are not wrong.

During this internship, I learned to feel and act normal in between them. Also, I learned to accept people with their own identity. I personally felt very normal while communicating with them, though my thoughts were just opposite. They are no different than other male and female. They also have their own strength and capabilities which this society should always strengthen them rather excluding them from many opportunities.

Well, government has finally given them freedom of life by providing them citizenship by third gender people. Now people’s point of view towards LGBTI people is changing gradually. But still lot of LGBTI people are hiding their identity in shame which should not be done and they should enjoy their life freely with no fear and pressure.