LGBTI skill development training in Dhangadhi

Raj Chaudhari/Kailali(Pahichan) July 24 – LGBTI people from Dhangadhi are being provided skill development training. Ex- Jana Mukti Sena’s Women Department has provided employment oriented skill development training to LGBTI people through assistance of District Development Committee.

10 LGBTI people participated in 15 days Haate Kadai training. Samjhana Chaudhari, the chairperson of Ex-Jana Mukti Sena Women’s department stated that she searched for LGBTI people and contacted them, then organized this training. Chaudhari, who had never heard of LGBTI, stated that she felt shocked while she saw LGBTI for the first time. When she understood on LGBTI, she started being familiar with the people, she stated.

“Previously I did not understand what LGBTI was, and I used to treat them badly”, she reported, “Now I will always raise voice for LGBTI people as well.” She says that it is necessary for everyone in the society to understand what it means to be an LGBTI. “Just like our organization has organized a training targeting LGBTI people, I believe other organization also should follow the trend.”, she said, “LGBTI people are very backward in the society and need special laws for their upliftment. They are even thrown outside their houses and excluded by the society.” She says that LGBTI rights activism is every aware civilian’s duty.

Sudur Paschim Samaj’s employee Karuna Nepal states, “Till now, no organization had ever given training to LGBTI people in Far- West. This is the first organization to do that.”