‘Ma Hoina Ma’ receives five million viewers

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 29 – Ma Hoina Ma, a film based on the homosexuality contents has becoming popular in YouTube channel. Till now, around five million people have watched this film. The number is increasing day by day. The film was uploaded in 2017 March 19. There is a role of senior artists and people from various sectors. There are 11 thousand subscriber of this film.

There has been commercial screening of this film.  The film was produced by Blue Diamond Society with a view to spread awareness about this community. The film depicts the difficulties that members of this community face when they are forced to marry against their will. There are overwhelming comments in you tube about this film. People have appreciated its contents.

Some comments received in you tube is as followings:

“Beautiful story, but the thing is why not people still in Nepal don’t understand the meaning of LGBTI, everyone is a part of this society, like different species of animal kingdom…humans are also of different orientation…somebody said “ma hoina ma” vaneko k ho vanera? It means what people see me from outside, I am not the one from inside…aakha ma aashu nai ayo tyo hospital wala part ma ani last ko family scene was too good…Thank you so much Bhusan Dahal sir!”

“It trying to give a social msg….the way to provide msg to the social mass is a bit extra may b due to the lack of proper subject matters or the lyrics…such kind of incidents may happen to any1 but its difficult to digest to think that does it really exist in the simple way…..the movie is of 21st Centuary….there is no any discrimination in gender….and thats very good….but before marriage there a lots of queries from both family….but nothing iz shown here.”

“It will take at least a decade to come in terms of these issue as it isa very complex in day to day real life , only education can eradicate gender inequality,caste system etc By the way theme song is superb!”