Mahotari District to allocate budget for LGBTI

Mahotari (Pahichan) July 31 – Mahotari District has said that it would allocate up to 5 lakh budget for the gender and sexual minority.  The District will allocate budget to operate training for the capacity building of minority. According to staff Tara Yadav of Blue Diamond Society Mahotari District, District has made a commitment of allocating budget for this community.

“Budget has been allocated to provide training to those people who lack skills, we have started to allocate budget after a long gap,” said Yadav. Yadav who is working as a human rights activist said it was very difficult to work in the initial days.

“In Terai, this community is known as Meti, members of this community are labelled as Hijada, Chhaka,” Yadav said. Ful Kumari Yadav seems like a boy but she has characters of a daughter.  Though family members discriminated her in the previous days, family has accepted them. Fulkumari is living with her partner. As the family of her partner has not accepted, they are compelled to separate after the works.
Transgender Binod has similar story. When he goes for work, people mock him saying that people who provide condom has come. “Earlier, there was a lack of understanding but situation has been changed and family has accepted,” Binod said. Speaking to Pahichan Radio program, they called the members of this community to disclose their identity.