Media, government agencies behaving in a positive way: Tamang

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 3 – Transgender rights activist Suman Tamang has said that media, police and other government agencies have started to demonstrate positive behavior to LGBTI members. While presenting a report in a Review meeting of Norwegian Project, Tamang shared this faction.

“Now, there is an increased understanding about the differences between inter-sexes, homosexual, transgender .  “In the past, there was negative attitude of police towards this community.  Now, there is a positive attitude towards this community. Even journalists have started to write positive stories about this community,” said Tamang.

Tamang said that Itahari Municipality has allocated the budget to this community which has helped to perform work in a coordinative way. “We organized orientation programs from the budget that Municipality that provided us. Some schools have offered scholarship to this community,” said Tamang. Tamang has been selected for the project name Sundar Shanta Nepal.

Tamang was selected from open competition. Tamang said there is increased cooperation among the organizations. Though the number of this community disclosing their identity has increased, there is not favorable environment for the members of this community. “Some members of this community are facing the difficulties to survive as they are expelled from their family,” Tamang said.

As all the members of this community are focusing on job, there are not concrete future plan. As the status of same-sex marriage is uncertain, according to Tamang, members of this community are facing a lot of problems.