India (Pahichan) January 31 – 1st Transgender Marriage in Bhubaneswar, India After Supreme Court Recognizes transgender as “Third Gender” Bhubaneswar ( Odisha ) , 26th January 2017 is not only the 68th Republic Day of India, This was also the Marriage Date of a Beautiful Transgender (kinner) with her Boyfriend….. The Beautiful Love story begins with Facebook Chatting .

The guy Bashudev was cheated by his wife and he has a son also, after cheated by his wife he lost the trust over woman but he always respect every one like man, woman or transgender. Meghana was Bashudev’s facebook friend , he always check Meghana’s facebook status and her activity and he started liking her .

After that one day he proposed her to Marry him, Meghana can’t believe a guy proposed her for marriage, “ bcoz maximum boys come close to transgender only for timepass”. Bashudev stays with his elder brother and his sister-in-law , he told them every thing and they also agreed for marriage.

Now the time come for Love Become arrange marriage. So Bashudev’s Brother go to Meghana’s house to meet her father and mother for asking Meghana’s hand for his Younger brother Bashudev and they also agreed for the Marriage…. Finally Dream Comes True …. Here some Beautiful Snaps of Meghana’s Haldi and Marriage