Meghana’s restaurant making progress

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 9 – Transgender Meghana Lama is owner of Pink Tifani Restaurant located at Basantapur. Earlier, she feared that people may not visit the restaurant opened by transgender. Now, she is fully satisfied with her business.

 “I became happy in the sense that some people visited my restaurant to know about the transgender,” Meghana said, “I informed them about the sexual behavior of transgender and they took it in a normal way which made by very happy.”  She said Tifani is also like other family restaurant and it is also making a good business.

According to her, people visit her restaurant to know about the transgender. Along with restaurant, Meghana is working in modeling sector as well. She is the winner of Miss Pink 2010. After winning the award, she received a lot of opportunities. “I attended international contest as well which helped me to make my country known in global arena,” said Meghana.

According to her, Miss Pink competition is a platform in the society who wants to conceal their identity.  “Members of this community could use completion as a platform,” said Tifani. She also urged the members of other community to attend the program and take it as an entertainment platform. The modeling profession is helping Tifani to run her business.