Members of gender and sexual minority are multitalented : Khadgi

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 17 – Actress Rajani Khadgi has said that there should be equal treatment to the members of gender and sexual minority. She said identity of any people should not become the basis of discrimination.

“In the initial days, I was unaware about this community but gradually I came to know about this community,” said Khadgi.

She urged the members of this community not to see through the lenses of discrimination to the members of this community.  She said members of this community are capable. “The people who work with us are multitalented. We should provide them opportunities and law should address them,” said Khadgi.

She said if some members of this community are engaged in negative ways, concerned authorities should play a role to them to correct them.  She said same-sex marriage should be legalized.