Members of gender and sexual minority in income generation activities

Bardiya(Pahichan) September 29 – Members of gender and sexual minority of have started income generation tasks. The members of this community, who are struggle for their right in an organized way, have started their profession to make money. The members of this community have launched fish farming in Sunsari and pig farming in Kailali. They have started mush-room farming in Bardiya district.

Ten homosexual and transgender of Bardiya district have initiated mushroom farming, according to Bardiya District Chapter of Blue Diamond Society. As per the understanding, District Agriculture Office has provided 15 thousand cash to purchase the seeds and other things for mushroom farming. Hikmat Kumar Shrestha of District Agriculture and Thakur Prasad Tharu from Sundar Sansar have signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The income of mushroom farming will be deposited at the bank account of Sundar Sansar and will be utilized, according to members of this community. Deputy Director of Blue Diamond Society Parshuram Rai said it is a matter of happiness that members of this community are involved in income generation activities.