Members of LGBTI community should not be presented as comedian : Adhikari

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 17 – Actress Keki Adhikari has said that it is unfortunate that members of LGBTI community are fighting to secure their identity throughout their lives. Speaking to Pahichan, She said members of this community are presented as comedian in some films which is not appropriate.  

We need to understand that they have the similar feelings like us, she said.  She said until and unless sentiments of this community are not taken in a normal way, it is difficult to make the films that project this community in a positive way.

“They may have strong feelings and we should understand them, otherwise we cannot make such films,” she said.  According to her, it is wrong to show that members of this community cannot do anything on their own footing.

Some telefilms show that they need the help of other people in their life which is not true. She said it is not good discriminate the members of this community on the basis of their identity.Adhikari’s film Love Sasha is being release across the Nepal.