Members of society yet to change their mindset : LGBTI

Bhawani Adhikari/Saynja (Pahichan) June 21 – Members of sexual and gender minority have said that they are facing difficulties to disclose their identity as members of this society have not yet changed their mentality.

They said society is yet to know about the freedom of this community and it has created problems to make their identity open. It is a matter of sad that we are yet to give our identity in public space, they said.

Speaking at an internation program organized by Paribartan Nepal, Bindiya Gautam, western program coordinator of Blue Diamond Society said there are still problems in acquiring citizenships.

She is of the view that government agencies must take up this issue and ensure the easy access to citizenship as per their gender identity. Raju Chhetri, Chairman of Paribartan Nepal said it is the right of this community to receive citizenship on the basis of their gender identity.

Pitambar Chhetri said though some members of this community openly disclose their identity in the BDS office, they are hesitant to speak publicly about their concerns. Gobin Pariyar said that they are facing a lot of verbal abuse. The number of LGBTI in the district is high but they do not want to disclose their identity.  Around 700 have come to contact.

They are working in the issues of LGBTI since 2011.  Putalibazar Municipality ward-1 Chairman Nirmal Kumar Shercahn, Chairman of Federation of Nepalese Journalist District Chief Om Prakash Shamar, Principal of Tribhuwan Adharsha Secondary School Mukti Prasad Regmi, Health Office Yam Prasad Subedi, Chief of Women and Children Office Chandra Kumari Bayanjankar among others provided their advice.

Bhawani is working with Annapurna Post.