Members of this community are compelled to live two lives : Baniya

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 22 – Artist Rabindra Singh Baniya has said that transgender are compelled to live the lives of two types in day and night as society has not accepted them.

He said their appearance would be different in day and night saying that a male in day turns into girl in the night to full their aspiration.

“This is happening as society is not accepting them,” Baniya said. He said transgender are also human like male and female and their existence should be accepted. As an artist he said they tried to explore the two types of lives that artist are living in day and night.

He said he is working with this community and members of this community are facing a lot of problems. He said transgender should correct their weakness.

He suggested legalizing the same-sex marriage. He said it is not true that there would be love only between male and female. He said people who are homosexual by born should be accepted rather than those who make it a interest.