Members of this community can challenge govt in Supreme Court: Pokhrel

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 28 – Former General Secretary of Nepal Bar Association Sunil Kumar Pokhrel has said that members of gender and sexual minority could challenge the government in Supreme Court. Speaking to Pahichan, he said it is against the spirit of constitution not to enlist in the minority cluster though there is a constitutional guarantee of it.

“So members of this community can challenge in Supreme Court to secure their rights. Government can not delist this community from minority cluster,” Pokhrel said. Though constitution has ensured this community as minority, the list prepared by government has not incorporated which has drawn the criticisms.

He said though Nepal’s constitution is democratic and inclusive, there is opposite situation in the practice.  He said though new constitution is inclusive one but there has not been implementation of it.

He said the rights mentioned in the constitution can not be narrowed while formulating the laws. He said all the state mechanism should be responsible to ensure the rights of this community. He underlined the need of strengthening the institution to foster inclusive democracy.