Members of this community facing double discrimination

Ambika Dahal/Lalitpur (Pahichan) November 26 – Members of gender and sexual minority have demanded to end the discrimination against them during 16-day campaign organized on the occasion of 10th day on violence against women. They made such demanded following the promulgation of new constitution which has ensured their rights.

According to article 12 of new constitution, members of this community receive citizenship on the basis of their identity and there are the rights of proportional representation in the article 42. Similarly, constitution envisages that an inclusive commission will be formed.

The members of this community are sad for the slow progress in the implementation of rights provided by constitution.  November 25 is marked as a day against women.

In Nepal, the day has been marked with a slogan that House is the base of world peace: gender-violence free society for the sustainable development. LGBTI also fall under the women section.

According to Mathura Kunwar, Chairman of Federation of HIV Infected people said members of this community are facing dual discrimination: as a woman and as a member of LGBTI.

“I know members of this community are facing double discrimination as a women and member of LGBTI,” Kunwar said adding that it is not appropriate and discrimination should come to an end.