Members of this community should engage in cinema: Karki

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 12 – Artist Bipin Karki has said that members of gender and sexual minority should engage in cinema sector. Stating that members of this community are projected in a negative, the members of this community themselves should engage in this profession. 

According to him, it would be justifiable if members of this community themselves are engaged in acting. “They know more things than us. It would take at least one month for us to demonstrate their character in the cinema. We cannot imitate their reality,” Karki said adding that it is due to the lack of knowledge that this community is projected in a negative way.  He said it is very difficult for the LGBTI to live in society than the Dalit and other marginalized community.

“When we prepared Kalopothi Cinema my role was Dalit. I faced a lot of difficulties while I spent two months there which provided pain to me. I was denied to participate in the social programs,” he said adding that it was extremely difficult to him to live as a Dalit for two months. Karki emphasized the implementation of constitutional provisions.