Mocking relating with transwomen is not funny

Rukshana Kapali/Pahichan – Whether someone supports Hisila Yami or not is none of my business. Whatever she says is none of my business. But the way people are circulating “rape jokes” is totally humiliating. Again comes another joke called “He She जस्तै देख्ने भएको ले” This joke is not just mocking Hisila, but this joke is a result of cisnormative standards in society.

How? Because the joke promotes the idea that person who like like both he and she is matter of joke. What does he look like and what does she look like is kept with definition and standards by Nepalese society. Nepalese society says “he” must look this way and “she” must look that way.

But non-binary gender people might look different. Some transwomen who are not on hormones, struggle with their looks, because they shave their beard and put on makeup. Transmen who are not on hormones struggle similar.

This is what does not fall under social norms of he or she. Again comes those people who identify as bigender or gender fluid or androgyne, who might look like both socially defined “he” and “she”. So making joke, in this sense is instillation of cisnormative values and hatred/ignorance towards non-binary gender.

At last, I am not writing in support of Hisila. However, I am telling that what people think funny is not funny to us. Some people He जस्तो नि देख्छ and she जस्तो नि देख्छ, and its is never a matter of joke. Most of the people still relate people with transgenders, specially transwomen, in order to mock or troll someone. They are not mocking or trolling the person, but actually mocking non-binary gender people.