Two people accused molesting freed after agreement 

Kathmandu, May 11 – Two people accused of molesting two trans-women were released Friday. Accused were taken into custody by Nepal Police from Balambu.

According to trans-women Maya Chaudhari and Sharmila Chaudhari they sought lift with truck drivers, Raju Pariyar and Bharat Manandhar, truck numbered of Ga1 Kha5709 from Dhunga-adda to Kalanki, Kathmandu. They complained that they were molested for being members of gay community. They were beaten-up by Pariyar and Manandhar.

Inspector Sharmila Gurung, Nepal Police – Balambu, said to Pahichan Online, “When the Trans women saw the police van they asked for help and our police team on regular escorting provided them with immediate help. Later, Pariyar and Manandhar were taken into custody.”

According to her Nepal Police – Balambu called the abused women several times to further enquire about the assault. “We enquired about the case with both accused and the accuser together,” she said.

Sharmila Chaudhary proposed the settlement of dispute with an agreement through pardon.  Both parties came upon an agreement and Pariyar and Manandhar were released under condition that they won’t repeat such assault on any members of LGBT community in the future. According to Nepal Police – Balambu, they were released after they signed an agreement.

“It was sensed that Chaudhary duo were raped since assaulted duo couldn’t be brought into contact till late noon,” Gurung said.

“There can’t be any case of agreement for the case of rape or an attempt to rape, so it was merely a case of misbehave,” Inspector Gurung told to Pahichan Online. She said, “If the abused party had registered a FIR we’d have delved into further investigation.”

Pinky Gurung, President of Blue Diamond Society Nepal, said, “Trans-women should also be provided with equal rights as normal women.” According to Trans-woman Gurung’s post on Facebook an officer abused her saying ‘Night Queen’ and she said, “It is clear what Trans-women are facing problems similar to normal women. President Gurung’s post on Facebook is reposted as it was posted on 9th May 2018.