Mr & Miss Rainbow competition uncertain, Pahichan Media makes its position clear

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 20 – Mr & Miss Rainbow competition has been uncertain as Founding Chair of The Living Divine Foundation is postponing the dates without any substantial reasons.

 Earlier, Foundation had sought the applications from interested members fro LGBTI and Foundation also publicized the names of participants with the serial number but there has been repeated postponement of dates. The aspirants who have filled the forms about the competition have expressed skepticism’s over the activities of Reshrav Reshu, Founding Chair of Foundation.

Of late, Reshu has given an assurance that competition will take place on July 25 but it is not certain yet. LGBTI community has taken it as an emotional blackmail and they may approach to administration seeking legal actions. He had pledged to organize competition in Pokhara two weeks ago.

It has also been disclosed that Reshu took 20 thousand from some members saying that he is suffering from cancer so that he needs treatment.Participants have complained that they when refused to provide twenty thousand, he took three thousand from them.

Meanwhile, Pahichan Media has made it clear that there are not any affiliation with The Living Foundation and its Chair Reshu. “There are the reports that Foundation is using the banner and logo of Pahichan projecting us a media partner which is not true. I want to make it clear that Reshu does not have any affiliation with use,” said Thakur Prasad Dulal (Madhav), editor of Pahichan. “I urge entire concerned people not to do any transaction with him and he does not have any connection with Pahichan,” said Dulal.  “Pahichan media is an independent media so if there are any confusions people can directly approach to us. Until and unless there is an agreement, no one has the right to declare us as media partner,” Dulal added.