My changed view towards LGBTI

Neha Thapa/Pahichan – Firstly, I would like to thank Blue Diamond Society for providing me an opportunity   to work as intern.  Blue diamond society works for sexual minority. After joining organization, I got orientation class about LGBTI by which I got clear knowledge and concept about LGBTI.

Before I came to this organization, I used to get really scared whenever I see transgender. I used to think that they were mentally ill which was later proved wrong.

After joining Blue Diamond Society, I got to know that my what I used to think  for them  was  totally wrong  .They are same as we are just that we people see them in wrong way and don’t try to understand them. I got chance to know about them and I became friend with them.

They have good behavior and better understanding  Society should treat them as normal person and should accept them, because they deserve to be happy. Government should think for their rights and support. It has been a great experience for me to work as intern in Blue Diamond Society. They have treated me as family member.