My song accommodates the LGBTI

Kathmandu (Pahichan) 13 – Singer Sital Mokran has said that her latest song has accommodated the voices of all oppressed people.  She said a song made public five months ago has addressed the voices of Dalit, Janajati, women and homosexual and transgender. “My Song is not targeted only to women, it is focused on all people who are facing violence, Sital said adding that though there is not specific mention of Dalit and LGBTI, song has addressed the aspirations of those communities.  As songs are signs and symbols, it is not possible to mention all the words.”

She said some cutting of news has been incorporated in her video. In abroad, according to her, voices of homosexual and transgender are incorporated in an implicit way.

“Society is gradually accepting this community, members of this community and voices of this community will be addressed in songs as well,” she said adding that all people should accept the members of this community.