Narrow understanding of sexuality

Manisha Paudel/Pahichan-Sexual relations between the opposite genders have a social recognition.  Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Intersexual, Bisexual are not accepted in most of the societies. In some western countries, laws have protected this community.

Of late, with the development of capitalism, sexual behavior, activity, and relationships became worldwide. As the world is becoming open, broad and liberal, sex tourism has emerged as an industry. In comparison to western society, eastern society and culture is somehow narrow. In eastern world, sexual behavior and activities are also practiced like in the western world. But eastern society is reluctant for frank and open discussions.

Human societies were based on the sexuality background of men and women. Regarding this kind of sexual behavior, every society has legal, social and religious beliefs.

Apart from heterosexual sexual relations, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Intersexual, Bisexual and sexually-related relationships in the society make the understanding of sex more broad. Sexual behavior in between the same gender group is sexually transgender, which are different from the opposite of attraction. It cannot be easily accepted by our society. In the world view, transgender is a new topic inside human rights and sexual rights.

In 1950s, the movement began in favor of legal and social beliefs of homosexual behavior. Considering homosexual and transgender as natural phenomenon, 26 countries of have legally adopted homosexuality.  In its latest episode, Australia has recognized homosexual marriage with full acceptance.

Various national and international legal documents have also been adopted for the protection of human right including homosexual, transgender, interracial, bilingual and sexual identities. In the last decade, many countries are adopting a new constitution in improving internal reforms and this topic is gaining ground. The constitution on Nepal has also ensured the right of gender minorities by the rights including freedom, equality, and social justice. Similarly, after the consensus of the transgender, social political issues started to be explained in the base of human rights, Especially after the laws enforced by the law against male transgender sexual behavior, they are also dismissing and making new remedial laws.

In various times after the revolution of social reform, the western nations stood in favor of homosexuality by dismissing the law of punishing sodomy .In Latin America and Asian many countries, there was no legal restriction against transgender sexuality behavior. It clearly shows that acceptance of homosexual began long time ago.

For the long time, there is debate and movement about transgender identity. They are still able to feel much positive change from this but transgender are deprived of social rights. Laws have not been able to properly protect this community.

There are lots of debates about providing legal recognition to homosexuality in Nepal but it does not seem to conclude in a positive way. In 2064, Poush 6, Supreme Court (SC) decided to directed the government to form a committee to suggest ways about the possibilities of same-sex marriage. As per SC order, government formed a task force which has already submitted its report but the report largely remains unimplemented.

Many people who are sexually transgender engaged in Nepali society affected by policy rules based on contradictor sexual background, social values and morale of mortality are compelled to suffer painful and humiliating life.

Some who asserted the contradictory ideology of the society cannot even understand the fact that they are homosexual. The state doesn’t have legal protections of transgender, then some hiding their identity. So due to lack of clear law personal rights of many citizens have been eradicated.

Some people who have been forced to engage in contradictory marital relationships should have physical and emotional distress throughout entire life.  Due to lack of clear law of personal rights many citizens have been eradicated.

Opposite contrary sexual relation and behavior in the society are taken smoothly within a definite range and many transgender as an impartial relationship between individuals and individuals as an impartial relationship. Recently it may difficult to completely remove such a belief. Due to lack of law of homosexual marriage and traditional consideration, homosexuals are opposed to basic human rights consumption.

In many communities, homosexuals have experienced innumerable social and political exclusion. Homosexual behavior also seem to be legally prohibited and being excluded from other social occasions. Religious values, social values, sexually explicit, moral and moral system are also in harassment for long-term sexual and sexual practice as anti-nature.

Sociology defined marriage as a legal way to establish a sexual relationship between men and women, and the definition of marriage is gradually changing.  Marriage is also explained as connecting with a psychological side not only with physical relations and reproduction. Determining any gender for marriage, it is important to give priority to emotional, psychotherapy, psychological, sexual desire and other factors. Marriage is the human rights of the person and human rights which cannot be violated.

Protection of human rights was the state’s first obligation. The recognition of Same Sex marriage not only protects the basic rights of human rights but also establishes gender and gender identities between individuals.  The Government should make legal arrangements as soon as possible, to accept the existence of the homosexual problems and to get marriage to the person who wants keeping the children’s daughter –in-law, and such children as equal to other children as the other.

This Story is copied from Kantipur . Translate By Bhawana Humagain