Nattu’s battle as transgender male

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 5 – Nattu Shah is a famous singer. Her songs could be listened in every cafes and restaurant of Kathmandu valley. Youths are even more desperate to hear her songs and enjoy.  She is capable to sing both English and Nepali. Despite these, she is a transgender male. She has earned her name and fame through songs.

Shah who completed her school life living in a hostel of Kathmandu valley will have to clarify that she is not a boy. “Friends used to ask me whether I am inclined to girl,” said Shah. Her student life passed in a dilemma after she failed to identity her gender identity.

To avoid the questions relating to her gender identity, she started to have a long hair. “I made boyfriend only to show her friends but I was never attracted to boyfriend,” she said. Gradually, she started to receive love letter from her friends.  Slowly and gradually, her friends came to Nepal that she likes girl. She faced several such problems.

She used to defend herself with friends, now she thinks that it was vain to defend herself about her inclination to girls. She tried to establish her identity as boy but it was not possible for to lie.  One day she reached at the room of teacher who used to teach English. She shared that she is feeling uncomfortable.

“All friends like boys but I like girls. Teacher told me I am a lesbian,” she said.  Immediately, she became lesbian. She was seeking her identity and she immediately got identity. She gradually started to show male character but she has continued long hair. He parents started to provide her pink color Kurta Salwar. One day, she made her hair short but her battle was continued.