Naya Shakti, Naya Nepal and concerns of LGBTI

Baburam Bhattarai/Pahichan – Naya Shakti party functions in a new way. That is why we have named this as Naya Shakti. We do new, scientific, proactive and justified things. That is why we have included an LGBTI transgender in our Executive Board which made new history.In this point of view, we have included about 8 to 10 percent of the population (LGBTI) in our party. We have a campaign to make Nepal developed and prosperous by taking LGBTI in the mainstream which constitutes about 8 to 10 percent of the population. We want your contribution and support in this campaign.

There is a great misconception regarding LGBTIs in the society. What has happened in history is that one who thinks oneself as a leader is not sufficiently enlightened. Being an LGBTI is natural. Due to lack of education and awareness, people have been prejudicial to LGBTI.

Today, we live in a scientific world. There have been various inventions, and new facts have been established. What science says is that being an LGBTI is order of nature. No one can change this even if they wish. That is why accepting it, keeping their identity and treating them equally in every sector of society is the duty of civilized world. But few people have yet not accepted it.

The people who are in the authority and with the label of educated and intellects also have failed to understand this. If an LGBTI child is born then parents take them as burden, throw out of house, and other criminal activities like violation of human rights still happen to them. That is why there is still a debate on this issue in our society.

This is the age of inclusion and democracy. Therefore, through inclusive democracy LGBTIs also have been included in different areas of state mechanisms. In the same way, UN has made various resolutions on this. Even our new constitution has ensured rights of LGBTIs. I am also one in constitution building process. I was the chairman of Political Dialogue Consensus Committee which was responsible to sort out the disputed issues of constitution.

We have done plenty of discussions with Blue Diamond Society. I suggest interaction with the community, and the fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution should be guaranteed. In various parts of constitution, we have mentioned sexual and gender minorities and their rights.

We take pride in it. Now, the constitution and the law is no discrimination, Nepal cannot convey. Partnership is that discrimination does the crime, the punishment becomes a partnership. The most important thing is that identity.

Naya Shakti is parent, your family and just as we do not discriminate our family members, in the same way we treat LGBTI as equal children. And, this is my assurances.

If we turn pages of history then we can see a lot of people of LGBTI nature, from the beginning of humanity. We have heard about Sikhandi in Mahabharat who was a transgender. The role Sikhandi played in Mahabarat proves that Trans people of also capable like male and female.

During the civil war, many LGBTIs had fought bravely. Lot of renowned scientists and intellects have come out as LGBTI. Actually, Nepal is now following path of equality. I cannot point names, but great consultants are from LGBTI community.

In their country, LGBTI people are treated better. A lot of ambassadors are LGBTI. Looking at that, you guys also must stand out proud. My first request to you is to insist you to come out. And then we will include you in various committees of our party. You should conduct social program, this information should be standing political program. There is lack of information so that we should take a different kind of approach.

Fortunately, the core of call or coincidence, I found understanding of childhood sexual minorities. My maternal uncle who was from Gorkha was one of our Sexual Minorities. He visited us to bring an early age. From the age of seven or eight years, I had an opportunity of mystery of gender and sexual minority communities.  Like other, he was also a recognized person in the society. Many people lack knowledge of this nature and perceive as a disease.

This community should be organized.  We cannot do anything alone. There are various kinds of criminal activities as well as domestic violence so they should be affiliated with any organizations. There is a need of training programs to inform about what is sexual minority, how would you like to enjoy among others. Things that you tell we give convey the core. The organization has to make its network among you, city ward and to ground level.

Social cultural changes take a long time. So don’t get discouraged. You are conscious. You need to come out proudly. Look at Madhesi. After the civil war people feel proud for being Madhesi. You should also proudly announce that you are Madhesi. So that no one will dare to misbehave you. You have equal needs in all aspects. That is why same sex marriage should be legalized. It has been done many countries. Hold this issue, we are with you.

Now we are in third era of development and prosperity. Development needs a new path. We cannot lead from outdated parties and leaders.  Just like organizations were made to break old norms, now new norms and economic development and prosperity are necessary. In that sense, Naya Shakti is an alternative party. This is not old one.

In the conclusion, this organization will take you forward in a good way. Through organizing different programs and training we want to take LGBTI to the mainstream of politics.  Naya Shakti will provide every possible support and protections to this community. This new leader will make history taking accommodating LGBTI community along.

(The article has been prepared on the basis of speech delivered by Bhattarai in a program organized at World Trade Centre to announce a committee of LGBTI in Naya shakti – editor)