Naya Shakti would address the demands of LGBTI : Bhattarai

Lalitapur (Pahichan) February 11 – Coordinator of Naya Shakti Baburam Bhattarai has said that he is serious about the problems faced by gender and sexual minority. He said new political force would address the problems of this community, and it is entirely different from other political parties. In a meeting with a delegation of Blue Diamond Society, Bhattarai said economic development and ensuring the rights of all sections of society are key priority issues of new political parties.

20160209_161853BDS Chairman Pinky Gurung, Executive Director Manisha Dhakal, Deputy Program Coordinator of Day project Sanjaya Sharma and Malaya Lama reached Bhattarai’s residence Sanepa to present the demands of this community.

According to him, new political force is needed to mainstream this community. “I used to meet Sunil Babu Pant on regular basis, I will remain close to this community forever,” Bhattarai said. He also asked about Sunil Babu Pant. Bhattarai said there are still traditional mindsets and there is a need of ending such thoughts in society.

Members of this community also expressed interests to join new political force and Bhattarai said this issue could be resolved through discussions. “Please discuss in our organization how you can join this new political force before reaching to any conclusions,”Bhattarai said. Chairman of BDS said political parties have not taken the agenda of this community and they visit him being inspired the ideology of new political force.

Executive Director of BDS Manisha Dhakal said though the agenda of this community has been addressed in constitution, there is a need of formulation of laws for the implementation. Dhakal said they want to join in the campaign of economic development through politics. Dhakal said Naya Shakti would not be like other political forces. Sharma said they have been influenced by the vision of Bhattarai. Sharma demanded to provide them space in new political force.