Naya Shakti mulls over new plans targeting LGBTI  


Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 28 – Naya Shakti Nepal is all set to hold discussions to provide political awareness to the gender and sexual minority. Similarly, it is also planning to discuss on how to groom leaders from this community.

lgbtiThe Chairman of BDS and Secretariat member of party Pinky Gurung has underlined the need of political campaign. “The activity and activeness of this community is not sufficient. Other people do not raise the issue of this community,” Gurung who heads party’s Dalit and Minority Department said,” There is a need of such campaign to boost their self confidence.”

Gurung said until and unless people are empowered, they cannot fight for the rights. Executive Director Manisha Dhakal said there is need of psychological counselling to this community.bds

“Some members of this community are facing the problems like depression and we need psyosocial counselling,” Gurung said. The party is preparing to form a separate department for the gender and sexual minority.

The Nawalparsi, Kapilbastur and Rupandeh chapter haves already formed separate contact office and centre is going to form separate department. Gurung has also consulted with members available in Kathmandu about forming such department.

Gurung also asked to take organized membership of party saying that in comparison to other parties, Naya Shakti has given space to members of this community.