NC lawmakers criticize policy and program for failing to address LGBTI issues

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 7 – Nepali Congress lawmakers of province no. 3 have expressed displeasure with the policy and program saying that it has not addressed the issues of sexual and gender minorities. NC lawmakers Bijula Barma and Bijya KC expressed their objections saying that issues of LGBTI community should be addressed by annual policy and program. “The same-sex marriage report is gathering a dust at Ministry.

Both central and provincial government should make laws on the basis of this report,” said KC. Stating that 8-10 percent of this community constitute sexual and gender minority, she said government should bring policy and program for this community.

Lawmaker KC said members of this community must get scholarship. Lawmaker Barma said there should not be discrimination to the members of gender and sexual minority. Speaking in the provincial meeting, she said members of this community should not be denied from any rights.

Barma demanded to change the government’s policy and programs. She informed about the article 12, 18 and 42 of the constitution has ensured the rights of gender and sexual minority.