NC youth leader Poudel speaks bitter truth

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 24 – Youth leader of Nepali Congress Pradeep Poudel has said that people who raise the voices of gender and sexual minority are prone to fall under the category of minority. Speaking to Pahichan, Poudel said the issue of inclusion has been overshadowed by the majority politics.

“I tried to raise the issue of gender and sexual minority in party’s Central Committee after knowing the very issue. But, now I feel it is very difficult to address and establish the rights of this community,” said Poudel without elaborating the obstacles he met while raising the issue of gender and sexual minority.

He said it is a social problem. “In 1990 we adopted the majoritarian democracy. Now, we have achieved inclusive democracy. This should be reflected in the all levels of society and there is a need of constitutional guarantee. He said Nepal’s constitution has provided the rights of equality to this community but this community is unable to attract the vote politics.

He said constitution has made it mandatory that members of this community should be represented. He said though Nepali Congress nominated a convention representative in 12th convention; it did not contribute for the leadership development. He suggested the members of this community to be active in politics and adopt a competitive politics.