NCM concludes with stanch commitments, Issues 10-point Pokhara declaration 

Kaski (Pahichan) September 10 – Lawmaker, government official and other stakeholders have concluded that no one can prevent from providing rights to gender and sexual minority. National Consultative Meeting organized by Blue Diamond Society along with participation from donor agencies made such historic conclusions and commitments.

The NCM was of the view that there is a need of continuous pressure maintaining patience. The NCM also issued 10-point Pokhara Declaration. The major points of declaration made by more than two hundred gender and sexual minority are as followings:

  • The NCM deplores as Civil and Criminal Code did not address issues of gender and sexual minority
  • The NCM draws the attention of government to implement the commitments made at various levels.
  • We are committed to mitigate the HIV infection n, prevention and treatment through various programs.
  • The NC requested the donor agencies to lend their support to fulfill the declaration.
  • We remain committed to 90-90-90 and HIV vision 2020
  • We will continue to lobby the recommendations made by UPR
  • We welcome the issuance of  citizenship and passport as per gender identity and we ask to make this process even more easy and comfortable
  • we are committed to Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) PFLAG concept

“No one can deny the rights provided by the constitution. Supreme Court will help to scrap all the laws that go against constitutional provisions,” said lawmaker Ram Narayan Bidari. “As an advocate, I am ready to assist in any cases to ensure the rights of this community. You should be economically strong so that no one can defame you even society,” Bidari said.

Chairman of Bill Committee of Parliament Ganga Chaudhary there is discussions in each and every step of lawmaking process about the issues of gender and sexual minority.

Chaudhary said as some her relatives belong to this community, she frequently raises issues about this community. Human rights activist Kapil Shrestha said people are free and independent to live with their natural instinct and character.  “Another name or form of natural right is human right he is free to live his life,” said Shrestha. “The country and society which does not respect the human rights cannot be taken as civilized society,” Shrestha said.

Cine artist Santosh Panta said along with providing proper food and education there is a need of providing real happiness to the members of gender and sexual minority. “Children should be provide adequate freedom, there is a need of investment to the children,” said Pant. Pant said that his son is happy change the transplant of organ.

Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Guurng said only the constitutional provisions are not sufficient and it is not justifiable to question that constitutional rights are sufficient. Gurung said there is a need of formulation of laws respecting the constitutional provisions.

Under Secretary at Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare informed that same-sex report has already been forwarded to cabinet and drafting begins after the approval. Other participants also said that no one can stop from providing right gender and sexual minority.

Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society Manisha Dhakal said all must work together to implement the outcome of this meeting. Sanjaya Sharma, DIWA Project Coordinator thanked all guest and participants for their support, time and recommendations.