Neither are we fallen from the sky, nor came out of the soil, we are also the creation of this world

Pushpa Lama/Pahichan – On the basis of the research done in Nawalparasi district, the condition of LGBTI is very weak.  LGBTI people are still facing exclusion from society, problems in education and stigmatization. We are seen just as a source of entertainment.

Some of us are forcefully married and barred of a free life. Parents do not understand our feelings. This is just a habit or an abnormality, says the society. We are boycott from the society and prohibited from any social activities and circles.  We also do not get employment opportunities. It is difficult for earning a good livelihood.

We have time and again become victim of violence and torture.  To live a life openly is very difficult among your friends and family circles. A lot of friends have even attempted suicide because of this. When we apply for citizenship based on gender identity, they ask us to show doctor certificate. When we have the verdict of Supreme Court, we are still denied of our right to citizenship. We have been denied of application . We have been termed “unnatural”. We have been “raped” and ripped off our feelings, and matters of our life, time and again. Mostly the problems are regarding access to education and awareness level.

According to the calculation of social workers and community workers, they have come in contact with more than 25 hundred LGBTI.  Whatever might be the data, but it has not been yet nationalized. There is no one who shows interest to take LGBTI issues in regarded authority. That is why we have established Blue Diamond Society in order to work for betterment of LGBTI people. We have been working since 2001 in this field.

We have been working in Nawalpur of the district including Parshi’s Amarout, Banjhariya, Panditpur, Sunwal and Maheshpur. We have been mostly focusing on capacity development and employment fields, including awareness raising and equal participation. This has helped in reach of social justice, safe sex behavior and reach in community along capacity development and leadership training. But still the programs conducted by the organization is not enough.

In other words, people of Nawalparashi should understand us and assist us. Every parent must understand the feelings of their LGBTI child because we are also creation of this world.

We have not fallen from the sky, we have taken birth just like anyone else. The parents who gave us birth are also heterosexual.  No one is superior to nature. Our existence is also result of this nature. Nature has made us different,  but we are not to be treated indifferently.

By understanding all these, please give us a chance to be established in this society. We are also social beings. We are also a part of this society. We also can and have been contributing for our nation. We all need to by heart this.