Nepal boycotts UN voting, draws criticisms  


Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 25 – Nepal did not support the agenda of LGBTI in United Nations. Members of this community have criticized the government for not supporting the agenda of this community despite the suggestions. They have expressed sadness for not suggesting. “We had suggested Minister for Foreign Affairs to support us in the vote regarding the selection of experts but we have been betrayed,” Blue Diamond Society said, condemning the government for such move.

“It is a matter of shame as constitution has addressed our demands,” the letter submitted to National Human Rights Commission President of BDS Pinky Gurung said, “We want to draw the attention of government to conduct a depth study about the marginalized community.”

The Society said it could give a negative meaning to other countries and government should take the responsibility. 17 countries along with Nepal did not participate in the voting. Other 84 countries have supported this move and Nepal’s move is taken as a diplomatic weakness of Nepal. Though the constitution has ensured the rights of this community, the agenda has not been highlighted in the international arena, said Executive Director of BDS Manisha Dhakal.