Nepal is very forward in South Asia: Ghimire

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 6 – Political Analyst Minesh Ghimire said members of this community are not receiving their rights as society has not been fully developed. Speaking to Pahichan, Ghimire said as society and politics are still entangled in the social norms and values, many rights are not secured.

He said many progressive people are still conservative which has hampered to address the new issues and changes.  “However, Nepal is very forward in south Asia when it comes to LGBTI issues. Our society is very liberal in the society,” Ghimire said. He said both this community and other organizations are not serious about securing the rights of this community.

“This is the result of inaction and social complexities that only 143 members of this community have disclosed their identity in voter list,” said Ghimire. “Similarly political parties and other stakeholders have not given rights to the members of this community.”   He said it would take time to address  the issues of  this community.