Nepal’s constitution is top one: Advocate Panta

Rupandehi (Pahichan) July 24 – Advocate Sujan Panta has said that in terms of the rights homosexual and transgender, Nepal’s constitution is top in the world. He said that article 12, 18 and 42 of constitution has incorporated the rights of sexual and gender minority. He said laws should be formulated accordingly.

He said if governmental and non-governmental organization discriminates, there could be legal battle on the basis of these constitutional provisions. Program Coordinator of Blue Diamond Society of Rupandehi Chapter Manila Neupane said gender and sexual minority are intentionally deprived from opportunity.
“We can do whatever we want if we get the opportunity, we are also doing whatever we want,” said Neupane.  She said that Public Service Commission should allocate reservation quotas for the homosexual and transgender. If there is reservation quota, according to her, 10\12 people will get the job in the government agencies.
Neupane said that approximately eight thousand homosexual and transgender are in contact with BDS.  Transgender Anika Rana shared about the problems she is facing to take the citizenship. Rana said there is no clear understanding about the LGBTI.  Rana said government officials are reluctant to give citizenship in a smooth way.
Other speakers in the program said homosexual and transgender are equal like male and female. They underlined the need of allocating budget for the purpose of empowering gender and sexual minority. Inter-sex Ishan Regmi said that he is facing difficulties due to the separate gender identity. Regmi said 40 people have come into contact.