New constitution should secure the rights of gender and sexual minorities, says Karna

Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 12 – Constituent Assembly (CA) member Ranjit Karna has said that rights of gender and sexual minorities should be protected in new constitution. Karna said new constitution should accommodate the backward language, ethnic groups, gender geography along with other marginalized community. He said new constitution should end the discrimination’s on the basis of particular gender and sexual orientation.

“It has been already clear that transgender is a natural phenomenon so their rights should be incorporated in the new constitution. No one should be discriminated on the basis of their identity,” said Karna.

He said as constitution has stipulated that there would not be discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, remaining rights will be secured through the formulation of law. “The provisions mention right now is sufficient, this will ensure to get equal right like man and women,” Karna said.

 He asked not to be agitated saying that constitution has not secured their rights. He advised that more rights could be incorporated in the current draft. Karna, however, said he does not know in detail about the same-sex marriage and this should be settled through discussions and consultations.