Newa LGBTI Frame

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 18- A Facebook profile picture frame regarding LGBTI has appeared on Facebook. Well, there are a lot of such profile frames being circulated on Facebook, while there is a profile frame that is different among them.

With the name, “GBTI support from Nepal Mandal” the profile frame is about supporting LGBTI rights. The frame has been written in Ranjana script. The team members who initiated this were Rukshana Kapali, Supriya Manandhar and Saurav Shrestha.

An LGBTI activist as well as a person vocal for Newa issues and ethnic groups issues, Rukshana Kapali said, “There were a lot of profile pictures frames being circulated on Facebook. It does have an affect on people, since social media has taken up a great part of our life. I thought, it is necessary to show up, and came with the combined idea of this profile frame”. The profile picture reads in Ranjana script and English sidelined as well, and both mean the same thing. “I wanted to highlight the issues of LGBTI. But such frames had already been created. So I wanted to highlight my native language as well.”, she added.

Rukshana was the one who proposed the idea and typed the script. But the design of the frame was made by Supriya Manandhar, who is currently based in US. The frame was uploaded by Saurav Shrestha currently based in London. They used a page named “Newa LGBTI” for the profile picture campaign. “I had got the idea, but I could not draw it. I appreciate Supriya Manandhar for being a straight ally and helping with graphics and design for this frame. But still, uploading the frame was in limited countries. So we requested Saurav Shrestha to do it, since he was living in the country where he could use this feature. He uploaded it through my page named Newa LGBTI. They are grateful allies”, Rukshana added.