No official data of transgender

Kathmandu (Pahichan) September 10 – UNAIDS, an organization working to control and mitigate the HIV AIDS said there is no official data of transgender affected from HIV AIDS. Social Mobilizer Officer Bina Pokhrel said though they are receiving data of other organization, there is no official data of transgender.

According to her, though the members of this community are in vulnerable situation, there is no official data which is creating difficulties to work in a proper way. Pokhrel said it is the responsibility of government to collect the data.

“I want to raise this issue that there should be proper data system of this community,” said Pokhrel. Though there is no government data, eight thousand have approached to UNAIDS.  BDS is saying that the number of this community is approximately Nine million.

Though government is holding census since 1968 BS, government has not done the census of this community. Though some stakeholders are preparing to accommodate this community in their projects, they are facing difficulties. According to various organization 8 to 10 percent of total population constitute gender and sexual minority.