Ojha writes a novel on minority issues

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 19- Jaya Ojha has written a first novel that covers the characters and contents of inter-sex people. Language expert Basanta Kumar Sharma unveiled the book in the function organized in Kathmandu. 

Novelist Uma Subedi, Writer Shekhar Kharel and Ishan Regmi review the novel, Subedi said it has seriously raised the issues of this community and there is justice to all characters.

“We take son and daughter as our family member but the scope is very wide, transgender are also the family member,” said Jaya. Kharel said that there is equality in the writing and it is a serious matter and it is very interesting to read the novel.

Eshan Regmi was upbeat for covering the issue of this community in the novel.  Regmi said it is a document that raises the concerns of this community. Jaya said she was curious about transgender since the childhood and has given a voice to this community.