Balram Chaudhari/Morang (Pahichan) July 22 – Miss Muskan Shrestha coordinator of  Pariwantalshil samaj she gave orientation to staff of standard chatter bank  about LGBTI what is LGBTI  what is full form of LGBTI who are this people about this five catories she gave orientation .

She said here are many people those who are hiding their sexuality . Among 12000 of people are from LGBTI community in Morang District. She also said this kind of people are natural but some people said that this people are unnatural wit out knowing about this community.

People who are from poor family only they come openly in society those who are from rich family they didn’t come openly in  society .  The staff of bank they said it is very new thing for us because we didn’t know about this community before.

Now we know about this community and we help them from today they said so.If we see this kind of people we inform your organization they said.In this way she gave orientation .