Our constitution has accommodated all civil rights : NC leader KC

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 20 – Nepali Congress leader Jagadish Narsingh KC has said that Nepal’s new constitution has accommodated more civil rights than the constitution any countries in the world. The NC leader said in terms of its richness, it cannot be compared with India.

“The new constitution has accommodated Himal, Pahad, Terai, indigenous nationalities, oppressed community, Dalit, gender and sexual minority,” said KC questioning how Indian constitution has addressed the transgender.

KC, a lawmaker, served as a member of drafting committee. “We held a lot of discussions there about the rights of this community; I was one a member of this community to speak for the rights of this community,” said KC stating that they held discussion with transgender while finalizing the draft.

The new constitution is more advanced than the interim constitution. He informed that they held discussions with homosexual and transgender before finalizing the constitution. He said the constitutionally guaranteed rights should be implemented formulating laws and policy. “They should suggest us at the time of formulating laws,” said KC. In a separate context, KC said Madhes-based parties should suspend their agitation. He said the genuine demands of Madhes-based parties should be addressed.  He said a referendum could be an alternative to end the deadlock.