Pahichan colleague Gauri elected as CC member of FNJ province committee

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 2 – Pahichan colleague Gauri Nepali has been elected as a member of provincial Central Committee of province under Federation of Nepali Journalist Associate wing.  There was only Gaur’s nomination under minority quota.  Except in vice-chairman, there is single nomination in all position.

Election is taking on Bhaishak 22 for the post of vice-chairman where there is double nomination. Election committee Member of FNJ Anita Bindu informed that all members have been elected in the position where there was single nomination.

The formal announcement of all members will be made after the election of Vice-chairman. Gauri is affiliated with Pahichan Media since Six years.

Gauri is advocating for the rights of sexual and gender minorities and she is also working as program office at the federation of sexual and ender minorities.  Pahichan Media has extended its warm welcome for the Gauri.

After electing as a member of province chapter, Gauri said it has given a responsibility to her to perform her duties. Gauri said she works to connect LGBTI issues with state and society. KP Dhungana of Nagarik Daily has been elected unopposed as Chair.