Painful struggle of inter-sex children

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 22 – During the elections of second Constituent Assembly (CA) in 2013, inter-sex Eshan Regmi discussed with former lawmaker Sunil Babu Pant to explore projects for the inter-sex people. Pant suggested that a separate project could be achieved forming a team of 20-member.

“It was not possible to bring projects through a small team,” he said. Till 2011, only three inter-sex people came into contact. Amrita Bastola and Nabin Chaudhary came to contact before 2013.

Mandip Kumar is the only people who came into contact in his early age. Mandip Kumar, a young inter-sex people is studying in grade 1. He has both sexual organ of male and female. After his friends and teachers began to tease him, his study has been discontinued. Mandip’s father is working hard to provide him the identity of inter-sex. He is approaching various government offices. His father has felt hurt as people teased Mandip and denied him from any scholarship.

Seeking justice and assistance, Mandan’s father came to Kathmandu. Mandip’s father who collected the recommendations from Village Development Committee, District Administration Office and Ministry of Local Development is expecting identity from Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare. He is facing difficulties to provide him education due to social behavior.

Local journalist and media also highlighted the issue of Mandip Kumar. After the news was published, Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society Sunil Babu Pant brought him to the Kathmandu and managed for the treatment. Mandan’s encouragement was increased after Pant informed about the status of this community.

B and B Hospital confirmed the two organs but hospital informed that he has to wait for four year for the surgery. As children are healthy and active, there are confusions in the family about the surgery and Madan Kumar is asking for education without any discrimination.