Pant urges Pokhrel to be clear on sexual orientation

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 24-Sunil Babu Pant, former lawmaker and a veteran campaigner who is fighting the rights of gender and sexual minorities has asked to be bear about sexual orientation. In an email communication with CPN-UML Secretary Shankar Pokhrel, Pant asked to be clear about the wordings. According to him, there is lack of common understanding about the sexual minorities and it is not easy for all people.

“The natural sexual attraction is called sexual orientation,” Pant said. “Homosexuality is not unnatural like the attraction on opposite sex is not unnatural,” Pant said. “We have already made it clear in the previous discussion,” Panta said. Heterosexual is not your choice, similarly, homosexuality is not my choice,” the letter reads.

“Majority of homosexual are living like man and women but being a transgender is living differently than like man and women in terms of dress, gestures and presentation,” the letter reads, “But majority homosexual are not living like this.”  Panta made such request after Pokhrel suggested to remove the sexual orientation from draft constitution. Pokhrel has said that it would be better to mentioned gender minorities instead of sexual orientation. Pokhrel said sexual orientation would promote unnatural sexual intercourse.