Parliament will make all laws including laws related to LGBTI : Khatiwada

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 16 – Lawmaker of CPN-UML Narayan Khatiwada has said that Parliament would formulate the laws to accommodate all including homosexual. Speaking to Pahichan, Khatiwada who was elected from Nuwakot-2, said Parliament will start to formulate laws as per the provisions of new constitution.

“The mandate of Parliament is to formulate laws and knocking the door of judiciary for the implementation. We would not formulate laws in a way that would not give feelings that citizens are denied from their rights,” said Khatiwada.

Khatiwada said he would take information from Parliament Secretariat about the process of law-making. He said as Parliament will also make the laws related to sexual and gender minority. He added that they would make efforts to legalize same-sex marriage.